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Benefits of Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship combines real work experience, learning and qualifications.  It is an ideal way for an employer to have effective input into the training of their existing staff or new recruits.

The benefits for employers:

  • Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way of upskilling your current and future workforce thanks to the government’s funding contribution
  • Having a trained member of staff helps to close skills gaps
  • Sends a message to customers and other key stakeholders that you are investing in your business and clients
  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality and developing your staff, to provide a superior service
  • Reduces staff turnover and therefore recruitment costs
  • Maintains a motivated and skilled workforce

The benefits for employees:

  • Work experience in a professional environment
  • A salary – earn while you learn
  • A recognized qualification which demonstrates learning and achievement
  • Access to professional body memberships which create further professional development